Recent Publications

Association between financial links to indoor tanning industry and conclusions of published studies on indoor tanning: systematic review, BMJ

Financial Conflicts of Interest and Stance on Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Systematic Review, AJPH

The environmental externalities of tobacco manufacturing: A review of tobacco industry reporting, Ambio

Current Major Projects

  1. Industrial Epidemics – understanding industries themselves as disease vectors
  2. Parasitologies: Biological, Energetic, Corporate
  3. Interspecies Politics -the political relevance of biosemiotics
  4. Terra Communis – indigenous land tenure and decolonizing land
  5. Carbon Taxes – the promises and perils of incorporating pollution into prices

M a i n  D i s c i p l i n e s


  • Pragmatism
  • Epistemologies (e.g., Feminist, Postcolonial, Indigenous)
  • Ethics
  • Phenomenology

Public Health, Business Ethics, and Bioethics

  • Conceptions of harm reduction (i.e. the relationship between market systems and regulation)
  • Corporate legitimizing strategies (such as Corporate Social Responsibility) when faced with delegitimized business practices (such as the tobacco industry’s role in the pharmaceuticalization, clinicization, and medicalization of nicotine dependency)
  • Industry Epidemics (Patterns of corporate subversion of democracy and undermining the rule of law resulting from lexically prioritizing fiduciary interests)
  • Non-voluntary corporate accountability and environmental health

Political Theory

  • 20th century Political Theory (esp. German)
  • Democratic Theory
  • Theories of Action
  • Justice (esp. Intergenerational, Environmental, Restorative)

Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Systems Theory

  • Complex Systems Theory (influences include: Foerster, Luhmann, Maturana & Varela, Gunderson & Holling)
  • Interspecies Communication
  • Critical Animal Studies
  • Critical Plant Studies


  • Interspecies Communication
  • Interactions between multiple simultaneous semiosic channels
  • 5EA (embodied, embedded, extended, enacted, ecological, affective)  Cognitive Science and theories of nonhuman experience
  • First-Person Science and Participatory Action Research

Please visit my profile to read a selection of published papers.

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