Current projects

  • Industrial Epidemics – understanding industries themselves as disease vectors
  • Parasitologies: Biological, Energetic, Corporate
  • Interspecies Politics -the political relevance of biosemiotics
  • Terra Communis – indigenous land tenure and decolonizing land
  • Carbon Taxes – the promises and perils of incorporating pollution into prices


Main disciplines

Political Theory

  • 20th century Political Theory (esp. German)
  • Democratic Theory
  • Theories of Action
  • Justice (esp. Intergenerational, Environmental, Restorative)



  • Pragmatism
  • Epistemologies (e.g., Feminist, Postcolonial, Indigenous)
  • Ethics
  • Phenomenology


Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Systems Theory

  • Complex Systems Theory (influences include: Foerster, Luhmann, Maturana & Varela, Gunderson & Holling, etc.)
  • Interspecies Communication
  • Critical Animal Studies
  • Critical Plant Studies



  • Interspecies Communication
  • Interactions between multiple simultaneous semiosic channels
  • 4E (embodied, embedded, extended, enacted)  Cognitive Science and theories of nonhuman experience
  • First-Person Science and Participatory Action Research


Public Health, Business Ethics, and Bioethics

  • Conceptions of harm reduction (i.e. the relationship between market systems and regulation)
  • Corporate legitimizing strategies (such as Corporate Social Responsibility) when faced with delegitimized business practices (such as the tobacco industry’s role in the pharmaceuticalization, clinicization, and medicalization of nicotine dependency)
  • Industry Epidemics (Patterns of corporate subversion of democracy and undermining the rule of law resulting from lexically prioritizing fiduciary interests)
  • Non-voluntary corporate accountability and environmental health


I am currently working on a book manuscript titled Interspecies Politics, imagining a politics of difference inclusive of the more-than-human world. Whereas other recent studies in environmental philosophy have concentrated on expanding circles of similarity to extend rights outwards from what I call the Vitruvian Man model of essentialist normativity, Interspecies Politics goes beyond animals to investigate the biosemiotic intelligence, semiosis, and agency of the entire phylogenic rhizome of life, without privileging or hierarchizing a certain instantiation merely on the basis of anthropo-narcissism.

Please visit my profile to read a selection of published papers.

Or, for something short and informal, I wrote this short piece on “Communication with the Radical Other” with Michael Marder, published on his Los Angeles Review of Books channel.

gecko playing leaf

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