At Erasmus University Rotterdam

Tackling Inequalities (Honors Master’s Lecture)
Contemporary Challenges in Philosophy (Survey Lecture Course)
Special Topics in Environmental Philosophy: The Concept of Nature (Master’s Seminar)
Women Philosophers: Nature and Culture (Upper-division Seminar)
Climate Crisis (Survey Lecture) 

At Kiel University, Germany  light pollution

Ethology and Philosophy (with Dirk Westerkamp)
Animal Ethics
Interspecies Discourse Ethics
Pragmatism: Self and Society
Intergenerational Justice
Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy: Risk, Certainty, Sciencedidactics
Beyond Nature-Culture Dualism
Plant Philosophy
Non-Localized Consciousness
Speed as a Philosophical Problem
John Locke’s Two Treatises on Government
Animal Ethics
Introduction to Pragmatism: Peirce, James, Mead, Dewey
Deep Ecology
Interspecies Communication
Environmental Ethics and International Environmental Politics

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